The art of avoiding distractions

We live in the age of distractions. Never before has it been so easy to distract someone. Notfications are bleeping, status updates are coming in and phones are ringing non stop.

But these are only a small fraction of what we may categorize as distractions, and probably the easiest to deal with (they can be switched off)
If we extend the definition of distractions to anything that interupts the “workflow”, we start to grasp the scope of the challenge. Buying groceries. Cooking. Eating. Ironing shirts. Transportation.

Do you iron one shirt every morning or 7 shirts on sunday evening? Doing the latter will cut 10-15 minutes of your morning routine, in particular if you iron the shirts when semidry from the clean laundry. Do you go out for lunch or bring the dinner leftovers in a lunchbox? This could save you 30 minutes a day! Plan your dinners for the entire week and you will save time and money (fewer trips to the store and multi unit buying). Transportation: go one hour earlier or later than the rush and avoid the stress and delays. And so on and so forth.

Scientists have calculated that it takes you up to 20 minutes to get back on track when you get distracted, so there are many good reasons to make these kind of changes to your schedule.

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