Stop worrying and start living

We spent the Easter holiday in the vacation house, which doesn’t have neither television nor internet connection. Being totally offline was a blast – but on the third day the first signs of restlessness started to show. I started looking through a box of old books and stumpled upon “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living“, Dale Carnegies third book from 1938.

Dale  Carnegie
Dale Carnegie - looks somewhat like a social media guru, doesnt he?

The book is a great piece of work for many reasons.

First of all, Dale seems to have grasped something universal about human behavior  Рthe tendency to worry and blame yourself Рand the power of positive thoughts reinvent and improve yourself. Even though the book is more than 70 years old, it feels very relevant today.

Second, it is filled with quotes and examples, ranging from Dales aunts and cousins (who were all farmers) to successful business people of the time.

Long before the invention of social media, Dale understood the laws of social capital – laws of listening, referring and sharing. What a great man!

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