#Social Media Update @ Soho Copenhagen – Part 2

Here comes part 2 of the report from the Social Media event last week at Soho, Copenhagen. Illustrations can be seen here:


Employee driven content strategy: Jakob Wickmann, Chief Strategist at DR Media

Jakob described his experiences of a “employee driven” content strategy process at DR. He stressed 5 critical success factors for open innovation:

  • A real need for ideas: If there is already plenty of ideas, it the exercise should perhaps be directed towards evaluating ideas, rather than creating new ones
  • Simplicity: the process needs to be simple and transparent
  • Community management: the process should be open, but leadership is required to set expectations, create engagement and sustain momentum
  • High visibility: management attention and communication is critical to generate awareness and incentive to contribute
  • Follow-up and feedback: it is critical to provide feedback on the continued decision and selection process

Online brand conversations – Kim Møller Elshøj, CEO Scuttlebutt

Kim provideded an interesting case story of a mayor Liquer brand and the reorientation of its brand strategy after a deep analysis of online brand conversations. The analysis gave a strong indication that brand perception was very different from the companies self perception of the brand, and that there were a hidden potential which could be unleashed by internalising these conversation into the brand universe.

Open Service 2.0 – Peter Larsen, CEO Larsen Data

Peter explained how Larsen Data manages more than 50.000 customers and 100.000 products with only three employees, among other things through a userdriven support forum, where users can find frequently asked questions and help each other through a help wiki.

Nordea M-book and Nordea Alumni Forum – Martin Bergholz, Head of Communication, Nordea Markets

Martin presented the Nordea M-book and Nordea Alumni Forum – two social media platforms developed to support networking and sharing of knowledge in the bank. He stressed the role of management as critical to success of networking platforms – as well as the need for ongoing community management.

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