Review of 2010 and commitments for 2011 (part 1)

The Christmas Holidays is an excellent time for reviewing and reflecting. #In this post, I will make a review of 2010

When I look back at 2010 a lot of things comes to mind. I have been fortunate to meet and work with some very inspirational people, I have worked on some very challenging and innovative projects and had a great deal of fun.

Let’s have a look at my 2010 keywords and see how it measures up.

The first keyword “value” was a highly aspirational goal, and something I have been really focusing on this year.
One indicator that I did something right though is that the customers we have been working for at Wemind have expressed a higher level of satisfaction than previous years. The result has been that a number of clients have returned with additional work, as well new interesting clients coming in based on the goodwill built up.
A key learning point is to ask more direct questions in the early phase of an opportunity to expose the potential (or lack thereof). This is highly important in order to save time and energy for the valuable opportunities.

The second keyword “clairvoyance” has been quite successful – although not in the traditional meaning of the word. But I have definitely been better at eliminating distractions and have set aside time for structured reflection, which I feel has been of great benefit.

Third keyword: Well being….ouch. I am not quite satisfied with the level of physical exercise this year and see this as a major improvement area for 2011. This one is key to enabling everything else I do.

Fourth keyword: Polyphony.
I have been involved in many interesting things in 2010. Apart from Wemind and my teaching at CBS, there have been many cool side-projects.
In the spring, I launched, a site for local farmers and producers in Denmark. It introduced me to new networks and new shops are being registered on the site on and ongoing basis.
Another culinary initiative, Spicyfactory was launched together with my wife during the summer and has been quite busy in q3 and q4.
Finally, I have been involved in a new community project soon to be launched (more about this later)
It was also a great year for my music project “Polyfon” with a number of great live jobs and a lot of new material produced – not to forget the addition of our new bass player, Morten Barnekov.

It all ads up, however. A brief calculation shows that I would need around 100 hours a week to do everything in an outstanding fashion, which leaves almost nothing to flex. So “focus” needs to be on the list for new the new year. More about this in part II.

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