Personal strategies in the age of complexity

Snowden describes the age of complexity and how we need to let go of old management paradigms and use strategies such as crowdsourcing for decision making in a complex world.

And it surely feels like this complexity is actually escalating. Institutions are being torn apart, people around the globe refusing to obey authority, and bloggers are “debunking” official news stories, revealing the corrupt nature of major media corporations.


So we can all agree that things are complex and unpredictable – but what does it all mean at a personal level? I believe it means doing what you are truly passionate about and investing your time and money in things of unique value. Only with a lot of passion, you can overcome the challenges of a complex and unpredictable world. And only by investing your time in things that really improve human life – new value can be created.

It sounds very plain and common sense – but how many people do you know, who are really doing this?

What are you passionate about, and what unique value does it create?

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