#Networking 101 – Eating lunch at a different table

Working in the public sector in Denmark right now means budget cuts and layoffs. My mother works as a music and arts teacher in a primary school, and as her educational background a bit unorthodox, (she is a Heilpädagogin educated in Germany, and education not fully recognized in Denmark) she is first in line during times of downsizing. With only 4 years left until her retirement, she was really worried about her prospects. Based on my experience, I did a brief coaching session with her, including questions such as “what are you truly passionate about”? and “why would an employer benefit from employing you, rather than someone 20 years younger”.

The question that got her over the tipping point however was “who in your immediate or secondary network has access to potential employers”. For years, she has been eating lunch with the same 3 people at work – but the aforementioned question, made her eat lunch at a different table. Eating lunch with the colleagues that she did not usually socialize with, she got a lead about a vacant position in a school nearby, and one week later, she got the job! Congrats, Mom!

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