Keywords for 2010

Inspired by Chris Brogan, I share my keywords for 2010:

  1. Value: I want to create more value for others and for myself. Value should be the key parameter for everything I sell, do or buy.
  2. Clairvoyance: I want to see things as they are, preferably before they occur. This can only be achieved by eliminating distractions and setting aside regular timeslots for structured reflection
  3. Well being: I found it hard in the last part of 2009 to keep up with the intended level of physical exercise, but with a few changes to my schedule I should be able to get back on track. For instance, bedtime at 23:00 provides extra time and energy in the morning for jogging.
  4. Polyphony: My professional career is important, but so are relationships and passions. It is important that these different areas are coordinated and are stimulated to support each other rather than the opposite

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