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I frequently deliver inspirational talks, including topics such as new organizational models, change management, and social learning – see examples below) based on my 15 years of experience of business transformation and organizational development across industries and geographies.

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Examples of inspirational speech topics:

The Agility war – New organizational forms
In an increasingly dynamic business world, companies need to move faster and faster – but rigid structures and structural trade-offs are holding companies back in the war for agility.
This speech takes you to the forefront of new organization models, and elaborate on the key opportunities and challenges of leveraging flatter, networked and decentralized organization models enabled by technology and interpersonal leadership

Leading business transformation
How do you realize business benefits of a transformation program? How do engage key stakeholders in the organization and build the necessary leadership? How do you ensure lasting, sustainable change?
I do lectures and speeches on change management, specifically designed for the needs of the audience and with relevant case stories.
I have experience of delivering change leadership workshops for executives and managers, practical training for change management consultants as well as general presentations of best practices and success factors, methodologies and tools

Social Learning
Teaching students is fun and energizing. However, it can also be very cumbersome in a time where the world is changing at a much faster pace than text books can be printed. Students today have wide access to information, yet they still expect the teacher to provide all the answers. But conventional teaching methods are simply too boring for generation Y and beyond.
Inspired by theories of gamification and communities of practice, I will provide you with a number of great tools and techniques for enabling collaborative learning.

These are just examples of topics that I like to speak about – I also do on demand speeches about different OD related topics. Contact me now for an inspiring keynote speech!

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