Effective learning – use of social media in education?

A topic that is top of mind currently is new ways of learning, in particular applying social media #in education. My interest in this is in the role as a part time teacher at Copenhagen Business School, and as a consultant at Wemind where I am currently responsible for an initiative within this focus area.

As is widely known, Facebook started in the university environment in response to the need foor students to collaborate, share and socialize. Ironically, the adoption of collaborative tools within core educational tasks has been much slower. In many universities, solutions based on Moodle have been rolled out – but often in restricted or outdated versions that do not provide teachers and students with realtime interactive tools that support faster and better learning. According to my own experience from CBS and ITU, and what I hear from others in my network.

I have decided to pursue my own social experiments this year, the “victims” being two teams of first year B.A students at CBS. They have grown up with the internet and rely mostly on Facebook for communication.

We will be trying the following:

  • Virtual brainstorming
  • Collaborative note-taking (wiki)
  • Action-learning documented on video
  • Using a facebook-group for distributed communication during case studies

What else should we be trying?

What are your experiences? Do you know of any success stories within this area? What tools do you use for learning in you organization?

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